ICRD Soccer

Fee Information/ Parent Information

Fees vary from level to level and team to team.  The information below offers a guideline on what your approximate costs may be.

1) A Challenge team with a volunteer coach will run about $150-$200 per fall season.

2) A Classic team with a volunteer coach will run approximately $225 per fall season.

3) Spring season club fees are less than fall.

3) A professionally coached team will add approximately $200-$300 per season to the cost depending on a training schedule of either 10 or 15 weeks.

The official uniform kit is $38 per player.

The costs above include 1-2 regularly priced tournaments. Additional tournaments may add $30-$50 per player.  Tournaments that require overnight stays by a professional coach will add approximately $10 per night per player.

Limited financial aid is available along with payment plans to fit most budgets.  Contact us at icrdsoccer@gmail.com for more information.

ICRD is committed to providing all the helpful documents you as parents need, so your child can keep up to date with both club and state paper work.  

Below you will find:
 medical release forms
ICRD financial assistance application 
ICRD Parental participation agreement 

Medical Release Form.pdf
ICRD finacial assistance application

For more information visit contact us